We design innovative, resource-efficient, comfortable homes.

We design homes incorporating passive solar principles and resource-efficient building components and techniques. We have expertise integrating solar pv, solar thermal and rainwater catchment systems into our homes. We take advantage of plentiful daylighting and proven energy-efficient "building science" construction methodologies to ensure our homes are resource-efficient, durable, comfortable and healthy to live in.

We specialize in off-grid homes, but also design homes for urban and residential locations. Each site offers unique design considerations which are carefully evaluated and integrated into our homes.

Designing and building a home can be exhilarating and rewarding. We value our client's decision to have us be part of their team. We respect their investment, count on their contributions to the design, and want them to enjoy the design process as much as we do.

SolarTerra Design LLC specializes in homes in the Northern Arizona region and our designs always meet or exceed the Coconino County Sustainable Building Program Certification criteria.

Please contact us for more information about our services and rates.

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