SolarTerra Design LLC's architectural design services are tailored to meet our client's off-grid or conventionally sited home's requirements. While incorporating various architectural patterns into a home, we design our homes to be energy and resource-efficient and incorporate the lifestyle requirements of our clients. We consider minimal maintenance, security, fire resistance, outdoor spaces and views, private spaces, hypo-allergenic materials and finishes and anything else important to our clients.

Architectural Design

Innovative, resource-efficient custom homes: Design a home incorporating our client's unique lifestyle and aesthetics requirements that uses energy and resources efficiently in its construction, operation and maintenance.

Construction Plan Set: Provide a complete set of site and building drawings for building permit approval and construction

Design/Build: Partner with local quality builders in the early stages of the project to provide a complete design/build capability, if desired

Home Manual: Provide a home & systems manual when the home is completed, and a walk-through of the home discussing how to "operate" and maintain a passive solar home and its integrated systems

Green Building Certification: Provide guidance and inspections for green building certifications, if desired

We use our passive solar design expertise coupled with materials and sustainable systems knowledge to design custom homes that are durable, energy-efficient, healthy and "green". SolarTerra Design LLC uses an integrated systems approach throughout the design process to ensure multiple inter-dependent design elements, materials and systems are incorporated effectively and efficiently into your home.

Our solar pv, solar thermal and rainwater catchment systems expertise allows us to integrate those systems into a home from the ground up during our design process. By doing so, the systems complement the home's design aesthetically and operationally.

We work with clients throughout the design, permit and construction phases of a project. By staying engaged during all phases, SolarTerra Design LLC can help the project progress more smoothly and monitor that the home is built "per plan" and will perform as designed.

Please contact us for more information about our services and rates.

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