In our pursuit to accelerate the adoption of Green Building materials and practices in our region, it became clear that we needed to ask the people directly involved -- architects and builders – to learn what’s working, what isn’t and what is needed in the future. We were hoping through a survey to be able to gain information about where Green Building currently “is” in the region and discover what companies need to become successful Green Builders.

The 2006 Central Arizona "Green Building" Survey was developed in November 2005 with input from faculty from Yavapai College, the Ecosa Institute and members of the Scottsdale Green Building Program. The survey targeted architects and residential builders in the Phoenix, Prescott and Flagstaff regions and concluded in May 2006.

Survey Purposes

  • Obtain feedback on the current use of Green Building methods, systems and materials within the region
  • Determine if companies believe that providing Green Building expertise is required to be competitive in the future
  • Determine what architects and builders need to incorporate more Green Building features and materials in their projects
  • Obtain feedback on the Scottsdale Green Building Program

We hope the information in this document can be used to gain understanding about where regional architects and builders “are” in regard to Green Building, and help local government and other organizations better focus their future Green Building infrastructure, activities and support.

We sincerely thank all of the companies that participated in the survey for giving their valuable time and thoughtful insight about the adoption of Green Building in our region.

Thad Johnson
SolarTerra Design LLC

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