SolarTerra Design LLC designs and is engaged in the construction of energy-efficient, eco-friendly, healthy durable homes using a well thought-out integrated systems approach. Every wall, roof, mechanical and electrical system and component is inter-related to and usually dependent on other home systems and their components. SolarTerra Design LLC understands the various systems and component relationships and combines them effectively in creating sustainable, comfortable, durable and imaginative homes.

Below are some of our projects; most are off-grid and all have one or more sustainable systems integrated into their design. Most are participating in the Coconino County Sustainable Building Program and will achieve "Intermediate" or "Advanced" certification.

Hillside Off-Grid Home, Four Hills Ranch, Williams AZ
Ranch Style Off-Grid Home, Howard Mesa Ranch, Williams AZ
Solar & Shade Off-Grid Home, Four Hills Ranch, Williams AZ
Mountain Aspen Off-Grid Home, Northwest of Flagstaff, AZ
Mountain Juniper Off-Grid Home, Red Lake, AZ
High Desert Home, South Rim Ranch, Williams AZ
Gateway Trail Home, South of Flagstaff, AZ
Design Summary and Drawings

CCSBP Certification application pending

Shadow Trail Mountain Home, Flagstaff, AZ

Click here for a summary of our Coconino County Sustainable Building Program (CCSBP) projects

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