SolarTerra Design LLC's services include innovative architectural design, systems design and sustainable consulting for custom homes. Every wall, roof, mechanical, water and electrical system/component is inter-dependent on other home systems and their components. SolarTerra Design LLC understands these various systems and component inter-relationships and incorporates this expertise in the services we provide.

SolarTerra Design LLC has a network of builders, suppliers and local contractors knowledgeable in energy-efficient and alternative materials and systems. We can also tap into additional experts or resources as required to ensure your project achieves your and/or your client's objectives.

SolarTerra Design LLC can provide education on the importance and benefits of incorporating "green" design, systems, building materials and certification in into your project.

Architectural Design

Full, integrated architectural design services for off-grid or conventionally sited homes incorporating:

    • Passive Solar Design Principles
    • Solar Electric and Wind Power Systems
    • Solar Thermal (hot water) Systems
    • Energy-Efficient and Durable Wall and Roof Systems
    • Rainwater Catchment Systems
    • Alternative Septic Systems and Compost Toilets
    • Hypo-allergenic Materials, Finishes and HVAC systems

Construction Plan Sets: Full construction plan sets, including site, foundation, floor plan, framing, electrical, utilities, elevation, cross-section and construction detail drawings that meet local building codes and permit requirements

Systems Expertise

Solar PV and Wind Electric Systems: Tailored to our client's energy and aesthetics requirements

Solar Thermal Systems: For heating domestic hot water and/or for supplying all or a portion of a home's space heating requirements

Rainwater Catchment and Graywater Systems: To collect rainwater for irrigation and/or domestic needs and to reduce overall water requirements

Project Consulting

Project Design and Support: Assist with project design, systems design, materials and product sourcing, and work with clients to minimize cost and project impacts associated with change orders

Construction Consulting: On or off-site consulting for site selection, minimizing site impact, building design/orientation, green building materials/products, construction details, recycling/reuse of unused materials and construction problem resolution

Coconino County Sustainable Building Program Certification: Assist with project design and documentation requirements to achieve the County's sustainable building program certification

Please contact us for more information about our services and rates.

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