Correctly sizing, and being mindful of the installation and maintenance requirements of the systems required for energy-independent, resource-efficient and off-grid homes is essential to ending up with a home that is enjoyable and carefree to live in. SolarTerra Design LLC's systems knowledge will ensure your solar and wind electrical, solar hot-water, rainwater catchment and graywater systems meet your individual lifestyle requirements.

SolarTerra Design LLC uses its expertise to integrate solar pv, solar thermal and rainwater catchment systems into the design of a home and complement rather than clash with its aesthetics. We take pride in ensuring roof pitches and solar orientation are optimal, electrical and plumbing runs are as short as possible, and that space is planned inside and outside of the home for the various system components.

Systems Expertise

Solar PV and Wind Generation Power Systems: Size and design electrical generation systems and appropriate storage capacity based on the site's available solar / wind energy.

Solar Thermal (Hot-water) Systems: Size and design solar water heating and space heating systems based on the site's available solar energy.

Rainwater Catchment Systems: Size and design rainwater collection and storage capacity, including potable water filtration and purification if desired, based on the site's annual precipitation pattern and amounts.

Graywater Systems: Separate graywater fixtures from blackwater fixtures in plumbing design, with a valve between the two fixture types to use graywater for garden irrigation and occasionally dump it into the septic system when necessary.

Comprehensive and ongoing maintenance of a home's systems and structure is important to keep them durable and performing to their design parameters, and to protect your investment. SolarTerra Design LLC provides a Systems Manual describing the operation and maintenance of the various systems we install, and can also recommend ongoing maintenance services.

Please contact us for more information about our services and rates.

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